Practice LinkThe request. Get the work done fast and instantly understand what I’m talking about.

We publish a quarterly magazine. As our volume increased, our former vendor was unable to understand new instructions and meet turnaround times.

The remedy.  I called Lorton Data, explained what I needed, and they said, “Sure, we can do that in a couple of days.” The level of complexity that seemed to overwhelm our previous vendor just wasn’t a problem for Lorton Data. Now, I create a few spreadsheets and tables to show how the data is to be sliced and diced. We review it over the phone and we’re done.

Sure, we can do that in a couple of days.

The result. Our data processing work used to take such a long time. When Lorton Data did things so much faster, our people started saying, hey, we can do more with this, can’t we? We began asking Lorton Data to take on more complex work. Not a problem for Jim and Lori. We wouldn’t have even tried to do that with our former vendor.

Jack Brannen
Art Director, Production, and Distribution Management


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