Lorton Data Now Offers LACSLink™ Directly To Customers After Certifying With The U.S. Postal Service®

New System Offers Cost Savings and Other Benefits

MINNEAPOLIS - August 9th - 2005 - Lorton Data announced today that it can directly offer its customers the U.S. Postal Service (USPS®) LACSLink product after being certified by the USPS. LACSLink (the 911 Address Conversion Matching Tool) enables Lorton Data to provide a new address when an address has been updated for the 911 conversion program. Since the mid 1980s, municipalities have been converting rural route-style addresses to city-style street names across America for implementation of 911 emergency response systems. The USPS originally developed LACS to facilitate the conversion process within postal operations, while also providing cost savings for businesses that rely on an accurate list for their database marketing needs. Benefits of using LACSLink include:

    * Increased deliverability
    * Timely delivery of mail piece
    * Potential for greater response rates
    * Reduced mailing costs

"Lorton Data is pleased to offer our customers the benefits of LACSLink service for a comprehensive change-of-address system." says Pamela Corbeille-Lepel, Director Marketing Communications for Lorton Data. "LACSLink is replacing LACS and can be included in ZIP + 4® processing alone, or run with NCOALink™. We know customers will appreciate this essential mail processing tool now offered by Lorton Data."

The new LACSLink certification will extend Lorton Data's leadership edge and history with the USPS. For over 15 years, Lorton Data partnered with licensees to bring NCOA to small and mid-market companies and is one of only 17 Full Service licensees nationwide for Full Service NCOALink. Full Service NCOALink licensees provide the most recent 48 months of address change information. The new LACSLink is a natural progression between the company and the USPS.

About LACSLink
Today, the new LACSLink service gives users the ability to make address corrections to their database, prior to mailing, with an automated method of obtaining new address information when a 911 conversion has occurred. Currently, there are 5.5 million conversions in the database, with 400,000 address conversions added in fiscal year 2004.

About NCOALink
NCOALink processing is a method by which mailing lists are updated with information from permanent address changes filed by USPS customers. NCOALink utilizes a new secure data storage technology to further protect the privacy of consumers who file a change of address with the USPS.

About Lorton Data
Founded in 1989, Lorton Data is a leading provider of direct marketing database services. Lorton Data offers solutions to build and maintain one-to-one customer and member relationships. These solutions include processing services, database marketing solutions, and access to the industry's most accurate and comprehensive marketing information databases.

Lorton Data serves small and mid-market companies in all industries, non-profit organizations, government agencies and educational institutions. Customers use Lorton Data's services and products to increase the effectiveness and reduce the cost of their direct marketing, fund raising, and other communication efforts. Lorton Data is located at 2 Pine Tree Drive, Ste 302, Arden Hills, MN 55112-3715. Lorton Data can be contacted at 651.203.8200.

For more information contact Pamela Corbeille-Lepel, VP Client Services, pcorbeille-lepel@lortondata.com.