'Extended Services' Button Saves Manhattan Mailers Time and Money

Manhattan Mailers provides direct mail advertising services, including list, print, and mail for a wide-range of clients, from non-profit to retail to business-to-business.  For many years, Manhattan Mailers had been using SAP BusinessObjects Postalsoft DeskTop Mailer® software to prepare their mail for delivery, and extracting their data from the software for NCOALink® processing through a third party vendor.

“Going through the extraction process and sending the data off to another vendor was a time consuming process,” explains Terry Delmotte, Director of Client Services for Manhattan Mailers. “Our customers are under deadlines and we need to have the most efficient processes here to serve them better.”

While using the PostalSoft desktop mailing software, Terry noticed a button labeled ‘Extended Services’ right in the program.  On clicking it, he discovered that it connected him to Lorton Data for NCOALink processing and suppression services.  “That button was one of those things that I always looked at, but never thought much about,” remembers Terry.  “Once I opened it, I realized I could send my files directly from the program over the internet for processing, and that seemed like a really easy process.”

Terry thought it was worth a try if Lorton Data could provide the type service and price point he was receiving from his current vendor, with the added benefit of instant file transfers. “I called Lorton Data and arranged to have a trial run for one month,” Terry recounted. “I was so impressed with the speed of service and efficiency of processing that I knew within two weeks I found the right partner.”

Manhattan Mailers was able to take advantage of an unlimited cost-saving NCOALink processing subscription that Lorton Data offers.  With the amount of processing he needed, the subscription worked out to be even better pricing than he was receiving from his current vendor. 

Since signing on with Lorton Data in 2009, processing for Manhattan Mailers has gone extremely smoothly.  “Manhattan Mailers has processed over 2 million records with us over the past year,” states Cathy Schulz, processing analyst for Lorton Data.  “Since their jobs come through Extended Services, they run automated, making the turnaround quick and easy.”

“Lorton Data was able to lower our investment and save us money and resources on extracting and importing data,” says Terry. “They give us back exactly what we need to help our clients be successful in their mailings. Business is tough enough lately, so having a dependable vendor like Lorton Data gives us one less thing to worry about. At the same time, it’s comforting to know that if we do have an issue, we have help ready anytime we need it.”