QSI uses A-Qua Mailer for quick and easy list processing without software

QSI provides printing and mailing of bills, statements, forms, and letters for the medical, real estate, government, and financial industries. Since timely delivery is critical to their success, QSI realizes the importance of address hygiene.

“We knew we needed to keep up to date with postal regulations to get the best discounts and delivery,” states Rachel Thomas, IT Manager at QSI.  “We had basic address cleansing and barcode software in-house, but we wanted to have NCOALink processing capabilities as well.”  QSI looked into becoming an NCOALink Service Provider Licensee, but the cost and expertise required was overwhelming.

“I was looking for an option that would give us compatibility and ease of use, but without exorbitant fees.”  Rachel continues.  “I learned from one of my associates that Lorton Data offers these services, so I called them to see what they could do for us.”  Speaking with a Lorton Data account executive, Rachel learned that QSI could access NCOALink processing, and a whole suite of pre-mailing services without software, using the company’s A-Qua Mailer on-demand service. Since both NCOALink and A-Qua Mailer were new to Rachel, a member of Lorton Data’s client services team walked Rachel and a colleague through an in depth demo that allowed them to run test files.  “It was amazing how simple it was to use,” states Rachel.

With A-Qua Mailer, customers can save an average of 49% per year, by accessing services “in the cloud” when compared to costs associated with using mailing software. Not having to own or renew software eliminates maintenance and upgrade fees, costs for dedicated computer equipment, and reduces processing and staff times. Since all pre-mailing services are available with A-Qua Mailer, no add-ons are needed or update fees assessed. “A-Qua Mailer provides the ability for more than one person to monitor processing without having to own multiple software licenses,” says Rachel.  “It’s a real cost savings.”

“A-Qua Mailer makes it so much easier to process than using software. We have a lot of customers that do the same type of job month to month. With A-Qua Mailer’s clone feature we can run the same requests job after job without having to fill out long forms each time,” continues Rachel.  “The files are completed quicker than I ever thought they could be!”

QSI processes about 75,000 records a month through A-Qua Mailer and expects the numbers to rise.  “Now that we have NCOALink processing capability, we can market that service to our customers.  It’s a value add for us and for them,” says Rachel.

Rachel believes the customer service is outstanding at Lorton Data. “If ever I have a question, I call and get through right away. Not only that, if there is a problem with my file that I was not aware of, I get a notified by email immediately. All I need to do then is correct the situation and there’s no slow down in my job. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”