Non-profit Organization Finds Savings and
Increased Value by Replacing
Mailing Software with A-Qua Mailer

The Boaz Project is a humanitarian aid organization that helps orphans primarily in Russia and India. April and Jim Jurgensen formed the organization in 1999, after living in Russia for two years. Over 90% of the proceeds from the organizations fundraising efforts are dedicated to sustaining programs for the orphans such as education, job training, orphanage construction and maintenance, and transportation.
Operating a non-profit organization means keeping an eye on costs, while still marketing as much as possible for donor and sponsorship funds.  The Boaz Project handled all of their direct mail marketing internally using software to manage lists and to prepare mailings.  A significant portion of their budget was spent on software and services to clean up mailing lists, ensure USPS® compliance, and to qualify for postal discounts.

When it was time to renew their annual license for Satori Software® Bulk Mailer®, The Boaz Project took a long hard look at whether the software was providing a good value.  While the functionality of the software was more than adequate, staff at The Boaz Project realized that they were not experiencing the type of relationship from the software vendor that they would expect to provide to their own constituents, “It felt like I only heard from the software vendor once a year,” states Jim Jurgensen, Operations Manager of The Boaz Project.  “I knew it was time for them to collect their annual license fees when I would get a call.”

Jim did some research and also contacted the vendor of his donor software package for recommendations on a company that could help him reduce costs when preparing his lists for direct mail campaigns.  “They suggested Lorton Data, right off the bat,” said Jim.  “And they explained that there was an easy import function directly into my donor software, which was important to me.”

Jim had specific criteria including finding a mailing software or service vendor that knew the USPS requirements, was easily accessible, and that was compatible with his donor software so that his donor list information could be merged with his marketing list information as address updates were made.

When Jim first contacted Lorton Data, he describes feeling an immediate connection to the staff there that he was missing from his current software vendor. “I told them what kind of things I needed to do and they walked me through every step on the phone.” So, Jim decided it was time for The Boaz Project to replace their mailing software with Lorton Data’s A-Qua Mailer, On-Demand Direct Mail Services. Using A-Qua Mailer, Jim can now access address quality and mail list processing services such as ZIP + 4®, NCOALink® processing, Duplicate Elimination, Postal Presort, and more without having to install software on his computer. Jim purchased a Unit-based subscription in the quantity that was right for his requirements.

“I’ve reduced my costs by 75% by not having to renew my software license,” says Jim.  “When we only have nine cents of every dollar we receive to put toward administrative costs, it’s great to turn all of the processing work over to experts who can get the job done more efficiently and more accurately than we could do ourselves. It gives us greater flexibility to put our efforts into our programs.”  Jim summarized, “Just as importantly though, if I ever have a problem or question, I know there is someone at Lorton Data that I can call and get help from, whenever I need it, and that they will respond quickly.  It’s all about the relationship.”


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