University of St. Thomas Saves Thousands using Lorton Data’s NCOALink® Service

The Service Center at the University of St. Thomas (UST) in St. Paul, MN provides printing and mailing services to faculty, staff, various departments within the university system, and to the local community.  When John Barron, the university’s Director of Printing and Mailing Services, learned that the US Postal Service®, would be requiring NCOALink processing on Standard Mail® to meet Move Update requirements, he knew he needed help.

“There were several different departments doing mailings, and none of them knew about the requirement,” recalls John.  “I knew there would have to be a lot of education along with a change in habits.”  Most of the mailing lists John received were simply being processed through CASS Certified™ ZIP + 4® software. A suitable solution at the time, but not enough to comply with the Move Update standards for reduced postage rates and improved deliverability.
John did some research and then contacted Pam Corbeille-Lepel, VP of Client Services at Lorton Data. “I formed a task force at UST whose charge was to look into NCOA to see how it would affect our processes, and what we would need to do to be in compliance with the upcoming Move Update standards,” continues John. “Pam attended several on campus meetings to help us work through the details.”

Pam educated the group on the value of NCOALink processing - increasing database quality, saving on print and mail costs, reducing undeliverable mail, and qualifying for postal discounts. 

“With Pam’s attendance at these meetings, I was able to substantiate my earlier communication to the campus community. It was clear that St. Thomas could save a lot of money by buying an NCOALink subscription through Lorton Data. Not only would our database receive badly needed updates on moves, but our collateral material would get into the hands of the intended recipients - which is always our goal!”

Pam was excited for the opportunity to help the University of St. Thomas. “I knew we could make a difference for UST,” states Pam.  “With very little effort and cost on their part, we could improve their mail deliverability and quality of their databases while saving them money. It just takes a little education.”

“The savings ended up to be enormous,” says John.  “For example, on one 50,000 piece mailing that we do 3 times per year, we would have spent $7,000 on printing and postage for mail that would not have reached the addressees. Using Lorton Data’s NCOALink processing prevented that.  “Over two years, we’ve easily saved over $80,000 on all of our mailings combined!”

John describes working with Lorton Data on the NCOALink program as one of his most memorable experiences at St. Thomas. “I have to say that going from not using NCOALink at all to 100% implementation of NCOALink processing on our mailings, and achieving the tremendous cost savings for the university, has truly been one of my most significant accomplishments here.”