SAP and Lorton Data: Partners Help Customers Meet New USPS Requirements

Ensures that mailing software users will get postage discounts once USPS Move Update requirement verification process begins

Minneapolis, MN, November 3, 2009—Lorton Data and SAP announced today that through their long-standing partnership, Lorton Data will provide Full Service NCOALink® processing for users of SAP BusinessObjects Postalsoft DeskTop Mailer and Business Edition software. Beginning in January 2010, the USPS® will implement a new verification process for high-volume mailers who are hoping to receive postage discounts. The partnership between the companies provides an automated solution to ensure compliance with postal requirements.

Full Service NCOALink processing enables mailers to cost-effectively meet the Move Update requirement, a standard created by the USPS to reduce undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail.  The Move Update requires that First-Class and Standard Mail® address data must be updated within 95 days of the mail date through an approved process such as the NCOALink service.  NCOALink processing compares a mailer’s list to the USPS permanent change-of-address (COA) database that consists of more than 160 million names.  Mailers who do not meet the new requirement risk losing postal- automation and presort discounts, effectively having their pieces charged at single- piece rates.

Compliance is even more crucial beginning in January 2010, when the USPS will implement a new verification process through its MERLIN® system. For verification, a sampling of mail pieces will be taken. A mailing with an error rate of 30% or higher for addresses that do not match the COA database would incur the penalty.

“Our NCOALink service saves users of DeskTop Mailer and Business Edition time and money by offering an efficient, low-cost solution to easily process their records,” states Josh Evans, Lorton Data’s NCOALink product manager. “Mailers who consistently use NCOALink can significantly reduce UAA mail.  With the new USPS verification system taking effect soon, mailers will be able to maintain postage discounts.  Additionally, by increasing the timeliness and predictability of mailings, marketers can improve the effectiveness of their campaigns and expect a boost in response and ROI.”

With Lorton Data’s Full Service NCOALink processing, DeskTop Mailer and Business Edition customers receive the most recent 48 months of address-change information along with ZIP + 4, DPV®, LACSLink®, and SuiteLink® at no additional charge. Turnaround time is as quick as a few minutes, with a 3 hour typical timeframe for a million records.

There are thousands of DeskTop Mailer and Business Edition users who can take advantage of Full Service NCOALink processing.  Access to Lorton Data’s NCOALink service is obtained automatically via the Extended Services feature of SAP BusinessObjects Postalsoft software.  No additional software or add-on package is necessary.

About SAP
SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software(*), offering applications and services that enable companies of all sizes and in more than 25 industries to become best-run businesses. With more than 92,000 customers in over 120 countries, the company is listed on several exchanges, including the Frankfurt stock exchange and NYSE, under the symbol “SAP.” For more information, visit

(*) SAP defines business software as comprising enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, and related applications.

About Lorton Data
Lorton Data offers data quality services and products that increase the effectiveness and reduce the cost of direct marketing, fund raising, and other communication efforts.  Lorton Data serves companies nationwide, across all industries, including direct- marketing firms, letter shops and printers, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions.

Lorton Data’s services and products include Full Service NCOALink®, DSF, Merge/Purge, Suppression Services, Geo-Coding, Postal Presort, Intelligent Mail® barcodes, mailing lists, and more. Records are easily transmitted through A-Qua Web, Lorton Data’s flexible, secure online interface.

Lorton Data, located in Arden Hills, MN, was founded in 1989 and is privately held. For more information visit

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