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From A-Qua Mailer desktop to PostalOne!

With A-Qua Mailer desktop, you can submit Mail.dat files to PostalOne! in just seconds. 

In the Preferences section in A-Qua Mailer desktop, you will see a PostalOne! tab.  Here you can set the folder path for your Mail.dat client.  After you run Presort, go to your reports and select the appropriate Mail.dat file then simply click the "Mail.dat" button on the right.

While the Mail.dat is uploading and validating, the Mail.dat file will appear in your job folder.  At this point, you can confirm your reports were submitted successfully by checking for the Mail.dat file in your "successful" folder.

You can set this process up as a job definition, so that everything happens automatically when you select that definition. 

A complete list of instructions is under "How To" in our help documentation.

If you are not currently an A-Qua Mailer desktop user and are interested in a trial, email

Have you heard..


Mail brings smiles to 6 year old

Last fall, Danny Nickerson of Foxboro, Massachusetts was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  For his 6th birthday, he asked for lots of cards in the mail with his name on them.


Danny received many cards with his name on them after his story was picked up by social media, local news, then by national news.  People from all over the country have been sending him birthday cards and packages hoping to put a smile on his face.  On at least one occasion, Danny received more cards then the rest of Foxboro combined! 



Read more about Danny's story here and if you would like to send him a card, you can do so at this address: PO Box 212, Foxboro, MA 02035, or learn more by visiting his journey page:    



Did You Know...


Take advantage of Full-Service IMb

Tracing of mail pieces is a distinct advantage of Full-Service IMb.  By placing unique serial numbers on each mail piece and containers, you can monitor the whereabouts of your pieces as they travel through the mail stream.  This information can then be used as a tool to fine-tune your marketing strategy.  With mail delivery being this transparent, knowing if a recipient has likely received a mail piece is no longer a guessing game


Here are some ways you can use tracing to your advantage: 

  • Use email or text alerts to let recipients know they have a mail piece coming or that it has arrived at their door.
  • Coordinate mail campaigns with social media updates.
  • Know when to expect RSVP's to start rolling in for a special event.
  • Check out the IMb Tracing User Guide.



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A-Qua Mailer command

A-Qua Mailer command is our fully automated mail data processing solution that fits directly into your workflow.

Using a Windows command line interface, driven by templates created in A-Qua Mailer web and configuration files, you can automate your repetitive address quality and mail list processing tasks.

With A-Qua Mailer command, you can access address quality and mail list processing
quickly and cost effectively.  Services include CASS Certified ZIP + 4 coding, NCOALink processing, Duplicate Elimination, DSF2 processing and Postal Presort.

Learn more about A-Qua Mailer command here, or by contacting our sales team!

For more information on any of our services please contact
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