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A-Qua Account Manager Features

A-Qua Account Manager is the online tool that gives you the ability to view and manage various administrative functions associated with your account. Whether you are using A-Qua Mailer desktop, A-Qua Mailer web, A-Qua Mailer command or another application to process jobs with Lorton Data, you have access to the Account Manager features.  Account Manager is available online 24/7.

Account Manager provides you with the following capabilities:

Once you have submitted a PAF, you are able to view, renew and add additional PAFs, as well as track PAF Requests in progress with Account Manager.  You can search for PAFs using such filters as PAF status (active or expired), expiration date, or by the List Owner's company or contact name.  Your complete PAF history is also viewable.

Here you can securely view, add and delete credit cards.  If you have a subscription with Lorton Data, you can view your current balance and expiration date.  The View History button will bring you to a screen where you can search by Job ID, Job Name, Transaction Dates, and Transaction Types to better understand your subscription usage.  

Change Password
This screen allows you to change your password.

For more information on how to use Account Manager, please view our online tutorial.

Did You Know...


News for the Package Barcode

Many mailers are not working with IMpb today, but if you find yourself with a project that requires mailing packages, you may discover that you need to use the Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb) to get postal discounts.


The IMpb shares its name with the Intelligent Mail barcode, but is very different to create.  The barcode uses a GS1-128 symbology and has very specific requirements for the label design.  It also requires additional files to be uploaded to PostalOne! For more detailed information on the IMpb, visit RIBBS.


All commercial parcels, including those that you are expecting presort or destination entry discounts, must have the IMpb.  There are a number of services available for IMpb and tracking is free for First Class, Priority Mail, Parcel Select, or Parcel Select Lightweight packages.


If you are metering your packages today, you may not be using the IMpb.  However, starting on January, 25, 2015, you will need to include the IMpb to continue receiving commercial base prices.


Intelligent Mail package barcode data and the additional postal files can be generated with A-Qua Mailer desktop, A-Qua Mailer web and A-Qua Mailer command.  Simply fill out the appropriate IMpb information for your presort and select the appropriate Service Type ID from this list.


There are a number of different applications that can print the IMpb and it's likely you already have one at your facility.  If you don't, a Lorton Data representative can assist you with procuring printing software.


The IMpb is different than what you may be used to using today, but implementing it isn't as daunting as it first might seem.  If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to your Lorton Data representative for more information.


Have you seen...


The Amazing Spider Man


You may have noticed that the Postal Service has a new employee.  Spider-Man is delivering the mail in a new commercial from the USPS.  Spidey can also be found on postal vehicles and the limited edition Spider-Man Priority Flat Rate Shipping Boxes. Watch the ad below:  
Amazing Spider-Man 2  
Amazing Spider-Man 2 "Amazing Delivery" USPS Commercial

for visiting our booth at the National Postal Forum! 
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Senate Bill to help Postal Service

The US Senate approved a bill to help the Postal Service with financial and organizational issues.  The bill reduces the personnel costs that make up a lot of the Postal Service's annual budget while allowing the organization more flexibility and control.  Read more about it in MailPro Digital.   


Products and Services


Custom Solutions

Lorton Data can help you with customized projects - those that involve many dedicated hours, have demands outside your software's capability, or take you beyond your areas expertise.

Our Custom Solutions Group has a team of analysts working with clients on complex projects including:
  • Extensive database hygiene - enhancing, correcting and expanding a contact record, appending and validating data, and suppression
  • Segmented presorts - presorting mail that requires different processing from other pieces in the same mailing
  • Salutations - building salutations from various name formats
  • Calculating donor gift amounts - creating appropriate ask amounts on a donor solicitation
  • Customer profiling -  building a deeper understanding of your customers
  • Response analysis - learning how well a campaign performed
Next time you get a project you think you'll have to pass on, contact Lorton Data at 651.203.8200 to help you win the business. 

For more information on any of our services please contact
our sales team at 651.203.8200, or