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Email Campaign Management

We all know that email marketing can be an effective way to
reach current customers and new prospects. We also know that at times it can be confusing and challenging. We have great news--Lorton Data can assist with your email marketing campaigns!

From list acquisition to deployment and analysis, Lorton Data's experts help get your email campaigns off the ground. Services
we provide include: 
  • List Acquisition: Lorton Data has partnered with the best and most trustworthy email list providers in the industry to help you reach targeted prospects. Email deployment comes standard with list acquisition.
  • Analysis: From email opens to click-through statistics, Lorton Data provides data, reports and expertise to help you understand campaign performance.
  • Append: Lorton Data appends email addresses to your customer file.

That's good news, but we have even better news. Lorton Data's team is uniquely suited to assist with multi-channel campaigns that include direct mail, email and phone to reach your customers and new prospects.  

Processing Acknowledgement Form Quiz
Which "Gate" scandal indirectly resulted in the need for NCOALink® Processing Acknowledgement Forms (PAFs)?

A. Hackgate
B. Watergate
C. Billygate

Lorton Data handles thousands of Processing Acknowledgement Forms for our clients. That's a lot of PAFs!

The Processing Acknowledgement Form is a result of Congress enacting the Privacy Act of 1974.  
Move Update
The USPS® is proposing a change to how they measure Move Update compliance to a Census based approach. Webinars
about the proposal will be held each Wednesday in August. For more information and webinar schedules, click here.  
Interesting  Tidbit
Mail carrier discovers hundred year-old surprise

Most of us would know what to do if we found a 100-year old letter...read it! For a Nebraska mail carrier, that decision was a little bit more difficult. To learn more about this letter, read on.

Cited from Minneapolis Star Tribune June 27, 2017.

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