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Templates vs Cloning

Streamlining the process of setting up jobs in A-Qua Mailer web is easy with our template and clone features.
No DNA required!


Templates are a useful way to store repetitive specifications. You can create as many templates as you like. When you start a new job on the 'Main Menu', you can choose a saved template, and the predefined specifications will be transferred to your new job. For a quick demo on how to create and use templates, follow this link.


Cloning is a quick way to start a new job. By clicking the clone button next to one of your completed jobs, A-Qua Mailer web will populate your new job with specifications from the one you've already completed.

Whether you are using a template or cloning, you can always make changes to your new job specifications.

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Change of Address?

Who knew two dots could cause such an uproar in the Minnesota town of Lindström? When the Minnesota Department of Transportation did a signage update and the town suddenly became Lindstrom, its citizens were not thrilled. Even after it was confirmed that the appropriate pronunciation should be without the ö, the community wanted the sign to remain as it had for decades - Lindström. Governor Dayton signed an executive order requiring the dots be restored to the sign.  


Even though the USPS doesn't recognize special characters, anyone driving past this lovely town will still get to enjoy the original spelling.  Read the full störy here




Products and Services


Mailpiece Design Resource Guide

The following resources are available from the USPS to help you with mailpiece design and questions about mail entry.
  • Contact a Mailpiece Design Analyst (MDA) for assistance with technical design questions, mailpiece reviews, Reply Mail artwork, advice and evaluations on mailpieces for automation compatibility, and other mailpiece design issues. You can reach an MDA directly by calling 1- 855-593-6093 or sending a request via email to MDA@usps.gov.
  • For questions about business mail preparation or acceptance, consult with the local Post Office® or Business Mail Entry Unit where you hold your permit and deposit your mail. Use the following site to locate the phone number and address of your District Business Mail Entry Office.  
  • Business Service Network locations offer business mailers personalized service and help with unique mailing needs. Use the following link to find contact information for your Business Service Network.
  • To get business mail training from the USPS, click here. This training covers hands-on experience with business mail functions, mail management, and supervisory techniques in the Executive Mail Center Management Program. An online course for Mail Design Professional certification is also available. 
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New Postage Rates

As of May 31st, 2015, there are changes in postage rates. The RIBBS website has a great resource for understanding the new pricing. You can find it here, or email us to have this sent to you as a PDF.  

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