May/June 2016

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A-Qua Mailer™ FTP

The presort functionality found in all of your favorite A-Qua Mailer™ products is now available in A-Qua Mailer™ FTP.  Offering a wide range of services and easy to implement FTP capability, A-Qua Mailer™ FTP is an easy way to automate your ZIP+4®, NCOALink®, duplicate elimination and presort needs using tools you already have in your IT environment.

For more information on A-Qua Mailer™ FTP or to get a trial please contact us.  

Special Interest...
Postal Perfect

Photographer Rachel Boillot captures stories of Post Offices in the rural south through her photography series "Post Script."  To create the series, Boillot explored eleven southern states, and spoke with people in each area to learn about these beautiful buildings. Through their reactions and stories, she captures the essence of who the people are and what these historic Post Offices mean to them and their communities. 

You can read the full article here.

Did you know?
Mailer Scorecards

The Mailer Scorecard tracks mail quality for mail owners and preparers at each mailing location.  It also measures mailing performance with a series of metrics based on components of electronic documentation and scans of mail pieces and containers. The scorecard assists mailers to determine if they are operating within approved USPS® thresholds and will illuminate areas that need improvement.

The USPS® is encouraging all mailers to review the Full-Service Mail Quality Metrics found on the "Electronic" tab of the Mailer Scorecard.

You can find more information here: Mailer Scorecard

Processing Tip
All the Single Addresses  

The newest feature in A-Qua Mailer™ desktop allows you to view and edit your address data in a single record view.  To access this addition click "View" on the menu bar and select "Single Record View."

Collage: Skyline, Mailboxes

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