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People read their Emails?!

Did you know that Lorton Data offers a variety of email services?  Whether obtaining new prospects for an email campaign, or removing bad email addresses from your current house list, we can help.  We can also append new and verify existing email addresses in your current customer file. 

Reach out to us and our experts will help you develop your target campaign.  We will get contacts and facilitate the email deployment for you.  We will also manage the analysis so you can see how your emails are performing.  We give you a report to let you know how many people opened your email and we break down how many clicks each of your links got.  
If you are interested in learning more, or hearing about our tips for successful email campaigns, please let us know.   
Did you know?
Since everyone wants to hear more about Politics...
A new study shows that your address will influence your political decisions.  People in America are always moving; 24 percent of Americans claimed that they moved within the past five years, which is why NCOALink™ is so important.  When people move, it's generally thought that they will hold on to their old beliefs and loyalties.  For example, transplants from Cleveland still continue to cheer for the Browns.  However, experts say that rather than completely holding onto their old identities once they move, people form new ones.

Where we live affects our media exposure and the people with whom we converse.  When you surround yourself in a new place with new people, you are influenced by new ideas.

Read the full article here.

Special Interest...


Lorton Data Jail Birds

Lorton Data works closely with many nonprofit organizations to help with data quality supporting their fundraising efforts.  We not only work with local nonprofits, we also believe in giving back to the community by helping local charities. This year, we are raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  Last month two team members at Lorton Data went "behind bars" to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  The event was prison themed, the sooner we raised our goal donation amount, the sooner we were let out of jail.  


If you want to support the cause with us you can make a donation here!   





Processing Tips
Create Merge Definitions in A-Qua Mailer desktop

When data arrives from customers, quite often fields in the mail list are not in a format you need for printing or mailing. With A-Qua Mailer desktop, you can use Merge Definitions to adjust the format of data fields in your file. Merge definitions allow you to combine data fields already in your mail list into a new field. For example, you can create a full name field in a mail list that has separate first and last name fields.

To combine the name fields into full name field, do the following:

First, make a Full Name field by clicking Mail List, Mail List Control Panel, Add, then create your name field and click Modify.

Next, click Mail List, Edit field, and select the Merge fields radio button. You can then select Create to the right of the merge definition dropdown.

From the Merge Fields dialog, give the new definition a name. Then add your first and last name to the list of fields. Don't forget to add the trailing space after first name! When done, click Save and then Update.

It's now available to you in the Edit Field dialog and the Merge Definitions box in the Fields to Export dialog. For more information on Merge Definitions, be sure to check out the A-Qua Mailer desktop help documentation.

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