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Happy Holidays from Lorton Data
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Military Holiday Mail Guidelines
U.S. Postal Service® Recommended Mailing Dates

It is the time of year when people send holiday
mail to those serving in the military. To ensure
those serving in the nation's armed forces and diplomatic service receive their presents, care packages and cards in time for the holidays,
click here for Holiday Guidelines.

American Expeditionary Forces wait expectantly at mail call for
letters and news from home to be delivered during the First
World War. (National Postal Museum image from Postal Museum's 

new permanent exhibit "Mail Call.")
Did You Know
Processing Acknowledgment Form (PAF) Guidelines

PAF general guidelines for NCOALink® stipulate all parties signing the PAF must provide a physical address. The use of PO Boxes and PMBs are not acceptable. Source: Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) Guide (page 10).

Mail rates set to change January 2017 . The USPS® has published the proposed rate changes to be implemented on January 22, 2017.   
Best Practices Tip
Secondary Permit Account Required

In August 2016, the USPS® began requiring a secondary permit for lowest meter, correct meter, or postage stamp mailings to collect net postage due. The most recent update to Mail.dat requires secondary permit information in your electronic submission to successfully transmit and be accepted. If you have multiple postage permits, you may use your permit imprint (PI) number for the secondary permit. If you do not have a PI number, you can apply for an additional postage (AP) permit. There is no charge associated with the secondary permit; however, funds must be present to pay for any postage due. Your local Post OfficeTM should be able to set up the additional permit or contact PostalOne!® Customer Care Center at (800) 522-9085.

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