A-Qua Mailer command

Hands-Free Mail List Processing.

A-Qua Mailer command is a fully automated mail data processing solution that fits directly into your workflow. Using a Windows command line interface, driven by templates and configuration files, you can automate your repetitive and similar address quality and mail list processing tasks.

Using A-Qua Mailer command, you can access address quality and mail list processing services such as CASS™ Certified ZIP + 4® coding, NCOALink® processing, Duplicate Elimination, DSF processing, Postal Presort, Printer File Output, and more quickly and cost effectively.



The flexibility of A-Qua Mailer command lies in its ability to fit into a current automated workflow. If you are calling out to a Windows command line today, you can easily transition to a cloud-based solution. Like other enterprise-level solutions, you dynamically specify parameters and processes.

A-Qua Mailer command is supported and maintained by Lorton Data’s postal industry experts. As complex mailing requirements change, A-Qua Mailer command is automatically updated - assuring that you are accessing the most up-to-date mail processing services available.

A-Qua Mailer command provides the postage saving benefits of mail data processing, along with an industry-first pricing structure; you pay for only what you use. Whether you need to do a workflow step manually or automatically, Lorton Data offers a solution that best fits your needs, and there is no penalty for the option to automate. Along with reduced cost, there is no need to worry about how many users or sites will be accessing the processing services. If you know your annual volumes, your cost can been easily determined.


  • Most cost effective automated mail data processing solution available
  • Fully automated for your workflow
  • Pricing based on usage
  • No complex licensing agreement
  • Command-line switches, templates, and job configuration files make it easy to script your workflow
  • Supported and maintained by Lorton Data’s postal industry experts.
  • Quick -  jobs are completed quickly when formatted properly

    Your files will be returned within minutes, or the next business day depending on services selected.

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