A-Qua FTP™

A-Qua FTP enables you to automate your NCOALink® or ZIP + 4® workflow, especially for high volume or high frequency situations. With A-Qua FTP you can choose between filename based processing or configuration file based processing. Basic scripting capabilities allow for processing to happen without human intervention, all over a secure FTP connection. When processing is complete, the output is placed in your outgoing directory. Lorton Data works closely with you to set up your job configuration so that the only dynamic content required is the number of records being processed.

Benefits to You:

  • Convenient - Use any standard FTP client software*
  • Custom - We work with you to set up your own custom configuration file that matches the unique workflow situation in your shop.
  • Easy-to-use - Simple FTP integration makes sending and receiving jobs a snap.
  • Fast turnaround - Files processed at a rate of ~350,000 records per hour.
  • Cost effective - A-Qua FTP offers you great value in process efficiency and price.

* Set up fee may apply

Available Services: