There’s no such thing as junk mail – part two?

As I was preparing to write the follow up to my earlier post There’s no such thing as junk mail, I learned that one of our recently hired Account Reps had drafted his own post on the topic. Previewing his forthcoming contribution, I decided to scrap my follow up and to let his “conversion story” drive home the point. Watch for Joel’s post.


One Response to “There’s no such thing as junk mail – part two?”

  1. Mail Man 1994 says:

    It is somewhat refreshing to see someone with a optimistic view of direct mail. I have been in the mailing business for over 15 years, starting off with the post office. Now , I work for a printer/mail house and I have bad news JUNK MAIL does exist. Judging by the reduced volume of direct mail many others agree. There are a couple of bright spots such as variable or personalized mailings but the cost is often prohibitive for small firms.
    Will the mailing industry rebound, perhaps. But the good ol’ days, before IM barcodes and constant price increases, will never return. If you can make it in the mailing field you can make it in any field.

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