Merry Snowpocolypse

As we look forward to a potential snowpocolypse or snowmageddon here in the Twin Cities, or what I like to call as a Clevelander “rush hour flurries,” the wife and I have split last-minute holiday duties. I’ll be going from store to store completing our final gift purchases while she’ll be stocking up on food and, more importantly, beer, in case we are snowed in over the holiday weekend. We will be snuggled up playing Rock Band, enjoying the snow and not sliding down the highway in our Jeep. While we will be comfortably enjoying the weather, one man in a red suit will be out in the storm heading from rooftop to chimney to make sure all those well behaved children have a wonderful December 25th. The wife assures me that any stop at our house will not be on my behalf.

How are we to know where Santa is on his annual journey? I need to know when to put down the beer and fake plastic guitar and go to bed. The solution is NORAD. They have been helping to track old Saint Nick since 1955 and all because of an error in an advertisement. The short story is Sears published an advertisement with a promise to let kids speak to Santa by calling a specific number, but the published phone number was actually a secured military line. Oops! Rather than dash the dreams of the kids that were calling, the airmen pretended they were Santa and gave the callers info on Santa’s progress from the North Pole. The story is especially sweet because we normally only hear about incorrectly published phone numbers when they’d get someone put on the naughty list and not when it develops into something nice. I encourage everyone to read the article from CNET on how this volunteer program has blossomed into this large undertaking. It just helps to prove you never know what great things can come from seemingly small mistakes.

Lorton Data will be closed December 24 and 25 and January 1.

Happy Holidays!


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