Privacy – It’s Your Choice

Recently my daughter sent me a picture of her son’s bedroom door.  My grandson, at the ripe old age of four, has decided that his younger sister is not welcome in his bedroom.  He used a large sheet of paper and drew a mostly round circle (I believe he might have used hockey tape) with a dark line through it.  In the background, you can faintly see a name written, so we definitely know who ‘is not allowed’ into his room.

Several days later a new sign was added that simply says ‘NO’.

No Entrance

The next time we visited, the first thing out of our grandson’s mouth was, “hey, do you want to see my room?”  “Well, of course I do” I said, “but it says ‘no entry’ on the door!”  He replied, “Oh that doesn’t mean you grandma!”

We should all have choices relating to how issues of privacy affect our lives.  Unfortunately, in the Direct Marketing Industry by the time we hear from an unhappy mail or telephone call recipient they are already disgruntled and they are really ready to yell at somebody!

You do have choices on what mail you receive.  If you want to control what you receive in your mailbox, go to  Log in and make your choices.  You can choose specific magazines that you would like to receive, or you can stop all magazine offers.  Same is true for catalogs.  Use the tab for ‘other mail offers’ to stop all other mail offers or, again, you can select specific companies from which you wouldn’t mind receiving offers.  To manage credit offers, you will be directed to a free website published by the major credit bureaus.  Even if you register with these sites, you will still receive mail from companies with whom you do business and those with whom you have signed up to receive offers.

Telemarketers always call during the dinner hour you say??  You have a choice to stop most of these calls by going to  You can also register your cell phone number at this site which would not only stop unwanted calls, but would cover unsolicited text messages as well. Again, even if you register, you will still receive calls from companies with whom you do business, along with non-profit organizations, political affiliates and those conducting surveys.

I’m sure you will agree with me when I say at times even I want to put up signs on the ‘doors’ in my life – but these may be a little more descriptive than a four year old’s sign!


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