About Our Blog

Welcome to Lorton Data’s blog!

We hope that this forum develops into a robust community of readers and contributors. Topics posted here will generally be related to Direct Marketing and Data Management.

We expect the personality of our company to be reflected in these pages as various members of our team contribute. Opinions expressed here may not always reflect the official position of Lorton Data, but that’s what blogs are for – a place to share news, ideas, and differing views on relevant topics.

Meet some of our regular authors:

Joel Ingersoll

Joel Ingersoll is a Client Services Representative and Dealer Channel Manager with Lorton Data.  Joel brings over seven years experience in the enterprise computing solutions industry from a myriad of perspectives including: sales, strategic marketing and business/financial analysis.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Communication Theory and Rhetoric from the University of Maine, where he also taught public speaking.  Joel enjoys leveraging his experience and knowledge to help Lorton Data customers solve their complex direct marketing business needs.

Josh Evans

Josh is the the Vice President, Product Development at Lorton Data.  Previous to this position, Josh was Information Processing and Product Manager. Josh has been in the Direct Marketing industry for over 10 years, with over five of those years working as a Direct Marketing and United States Postal Service expert. Josh’s first exposure to the industry was working in a lettershop; from there he became involved in address quality as a processor.Since 2002, Josh worked closely with management and developers to assist in improving processing systems. This along with his interest in marketing led to his position as NCOALink Product Manager. Currently Josh focuses on the planning and implementation of projects that improve processing systems, improve customer service and lead to new products.

Ray Davey

Ray Davey is the President of Lorton Data. Ray’s charter is to develop and execute a comprehensive business strategy, identify new market opportunities, and provide operational leadership.

Prior to joining Lorton Data in 2009, Ray spent 10 years as CEO of Humagine, a Minneapolis consultancy that works with business owners, CEOs, and executives on organization development and growth. Ray’s career also includes 15 years working in technology and services companies like Hewlett-Packard, EDS, Cap Gemini, and ESP Software Services.

When asked what he enjoys most about his role at Lorton Data, Ray says “the opportunity to connect the experts in our company to the information needs of our customers and the larger marketplace.”


Lorton Data offers services and products that increase the effectiveness and reduce the cost of direct marketing, fund raising, and customer communication. We serve businesses and organizations of all types throughout the United States, including direct marketing firms, letter shops and printers, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions. Lorton Data, located in Minneapolis, MN, was founded in 1989.