ANRO Finds a Partner in Lorton Data

As a full-service commercial printer, direct mailer and multi-channel marketer, ANRO Inc. offers services to help organizations better manage print materials, direct mail and cross-media campaigns that reduce costs, increase response rates, and consequently improve ROI.

ANRO knows that part of their job is to make their customer’s job easier and more cost effective - and that means sometimes having to make choices. ANRO’s Database Department explains, “We often question, is it better to complete this job in-house or should we partner with a service provider who offers the expertise and capabilities to get the job done more efficiently and cost effectively so we can pass the savings on to our customers?”

ANRO initially tested the outsourcing idea by sending smaller jobs and one-offs through Lorton Data’s 18 month NCOALink® service. They were drawn to Lorton Data because the company seemed to offer the best price and turn around time. It became evident fairly quickly that it was a relationship they couldn’t do without.

“We definitely started off with small amounts and grew into sending millions of pieces through per month,” ANRO’s Database Department recalls. “And then we started recommending their service to our customers to clean up their UAA Mail. We couldn't have succeeded without Lorton's extraordinary customer care and capabilities!”

In today’s economy, price is often a determining factor when searching for a service provider. However, ANRO realized it was as important to find a company that offered them the same customer service that they offer to their customers. “We can honestly say that we do not think we could provide our high level of volume, customer service and accuracy without the help of Lorton Data assisting along the way.”

Meeting postal compliance standards is the latest issue of urgency for many companies like ANRO. In an effort to reduce Undeliverable as Addressed mail, starting November 23rd, 2008, the USPS® is expanding the Move Update requirement to include Standard Mail® as an addition to the original First-Class Mail® requirement. Furthermore, addresses must now be updated within 95 days of the mail date, a shortened time frame from the original 180 days.

“Come November with the upcoming Move Update requirement, we cannot imagine having another service provider other than Lorton Data,” says ANRO. “They are at the forefront of the industry and provided us the information we needed to be ready, long before the requirement became a reality.”

ANRO summarized that it is the total package of customer service, expertise and communication that has kept them partnering with Lorton Data. “Since the start of our business relationship, Lorton Data has blown us away with their impeccable customer service and support. The NCOA department has always made educating us and communicating with us a priority. Whether it was regarding a Processing Acknowledgement Form, an issue with a file, or new services and regulations, Lorton has always offered a helping hand. They continually work with us so that both our goals our met. Their turnaround time has always been top-notch. I don’t believe anyone in the industry can touch it! “