Full Service Marketing Agency uses Lorton Data to Streamline List Processing

Military Media Inc. has been providing full service advertising, marketing, and consumer promotions to reach military audiences for over 35 years.  They specialize in placing clients’ display advertising in military installation newspapers, renting military family base housing address lists to clients for direct mail, and producing online and email advertising to military shoppers.

Given Military Media’s wide breadth of marketing services, maintaining a quality military family housing list is crucial.  “We were maintaining the list in-house since its creation 30 odd years ago,” states Lori Nutting, Manager of Sales Research. “The list kept growing and changing considerably due to all the privatized housing being built on the military bases. Processing in-house worked for a very long time, but updating the list became a full-time job.”

Lori turned to Lorton Data to streamline the process. “I was looking for a company with a proven track record of outstanding customer service, and quick turnaround time.  I knew Lorton Data was the place to go,” recalls Lori.

Lorton Data maintains the military family housing address list by monthly updating it through CDS Data Conversion and DSF. CDS (Computerized Delivery Sequence) is a service that provides updated delivery sequence information. DSF2 processing validates addresses and appends a walk sequence number that is used to sort a mail list for the best available postage rates.  DSF2 processing also provides delivery point specific attributes such as business vs. residential indicator, seasonal or vacant address flag and other codes that provide insight on the usefulness and deliverability of an address.

“Lorton Data does a fantastic job keeping the addresses updated, clean and accessible,” says Lori.  “By outsourcing the list maintenance to Lorton Data, our company has saved many man-hours of processing time and has reduced its postage costs. Everyone there is willing to go the extra mile to help me with whatever I need.”