Move Update Anxiety Eliminated

For Small Business Owner

In a bold move to reduce Undeliverable as Addressed mail, the USPS® expanded the Move Update requirement to include Standard Mail® in addition to the original First-Class Mail® requirement. Furthermore, addresses must now be updated within 95 days of the mail date, a shortened time frame from the previous 185 day specification.

Having taken effect November 23, 2008 the new Move Update requirement affects companies of all sizes and throughout all industries. This was very apparent to Kimberly Dailey, owner of Your Mailing Specialist, a small home-based business that provides mass mailing services mainly to the real estate market. Your Mailing Specialist generally handles mailings between 1,000-500,000 pieces and prides itself in keeping costs down for customers.

Kimberly recently went through some internal changes in her company and was now managing an extended workload. The new Move Update requirement is making things a little more difficult. “I was finally getting everything under control after my business partner and I parted ways,” relates Kimberly. “Then, this addition to the Move Update requirement put new pressures on me and I was forced to alter some of my business practices. I was on my own and didn’t know what to do or where to start to be in compliance.”

Kimberly is a PostalSoft® user, so she turned to the software provider, Business Objects, for help. “I called them up and asked for suggestions,” Kimberly recalls. “They recommended Lorton Data because their Full NCOALink® services are integrated into the PostalSoft software.” Kimberly was thrilled that she didn’t need to invest in new software or waste time and energy learning it. In addition, she found out that NCOALink is typically the most cost effective solution to meet the Move Update requirement, of those approved by the USPS.

Kimberly was dealing with a short deadline on top of working through compliance issues. “I had projects totaling 500,000 pieces that needed to be completed in about a week. I was in a panic. Lorton Data walked me through the steps and I couldn’t believe how easy and seamless it was to run NCOALink! Not only was the Move Update requirement fulfilled, but my anxiety over the whole process was reduced.”

Lorton Data, based in Minneapolis, was founded in 1989 and is known for its expertise and exceptional customer support. “The people have been wonderful – extremely patient,” recounts Kimberly. “It is so nice to make a call and get connected right away to someone who understands what is going on with postal service requirements and the software package I’m working with. I know that anytime I call I can get straight through and have all my questions answered.”