Append IconAppend and enhance your data and increase the accuracy and efficiency of customer communications.

Learn more about each person or business in your database and leverage a more robust file. Use your enhanced data to make smarter business decisions.

Here are our most popular data append services.

Increase the effectiveness of your communications by adding data for more specific audience targeting and multi-channel messaging. Below are just a few enhancements we offer.

• Geographic coding
• Demographics
• Psychographics
• Lifestyle information
• Financial data
• Firmographics

Boost the strength of your customer files with updated email addresses.

Send us your current customer list and Lorton Data will verify existing emails and append missing ones. Lorton Data offers a range of services to give you confidence you’re working with the best email addresses available.

Expand your range of marketing activities and decrease your telemarketing costs. With increased accuracy of phone numbers, you’ll be able to reach customers and prospects you might not otherwise reach.

Telephone append

Telephone append matches your customer or prospect file to our consumer or business databases. With each matched record, a phone number is added when available. 

Telephone append vs. verify

Append or validate phone number and email addresses. Add industry codes to your business file to support vertical focus in your marketing campaigns. You have more options than you may know. We can help you sort through the most advantageous and cost-effective choices.

Which industries bring you the most activity and revenue? Which ones are no longer adding value to your business? Where is your future business potential?

SIC/NAICS information helps you analyze activity for your most valuable markets and determine where to allocate resources for future communications and sales.

Know where your customers reside, locate additional prospects and leverage your customer data to target your marketing efforts more effectively.

Geocoding assigns latitude and longitude coordinates to each address. The information allows you to integrate your file with mapping programs and census databases to plot geographic locations.

• Attract customers to a new store location.
• Make smart decisions for store location plans.
• Promote store events.

Give your advertising messages a boost by matching customers and prospects with their closest brick and mortar location.

Geomatching uses latitude, longitude and distance to match customers and prospects with your store locations. Options for specifying distance parameters can be as simple as a radius statement, “All customers within seven miles of a store,” or as complex as a mathematical formula designed to achieve your desired results.

Whatever you need to accomplish, we can design the path to get there.

What smarter decisions could you make if you enhanced your data?

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