Manage Database IconManage your database with help from an outside firm.

Lorton Data helps you build, maintain and enhance the value of your data and information assets.

We offer several services for database management.

Maintaining a high data quality database is essential to your business success. Ensure your message reaches the intended audience, is delivered to the proper address, and your campaign is on budget with our numerous Database Hygiene services.

Increase your effectiveness by adding data that provides more specific audience targeting and multichannel messaging capability.  Add specific information to your contact records such as consumer demographics, business attributes, and geographic coding. Append or validate phone number and email address elements for your contacts. Add industry codes to your business contact file to support vertical focus for your outbound campaigns. We offer many data enhancement options – the most popular are listed here.

Smart marketing decisions are made using quantitative and qualitative data. We provide you with information about the contents, structures, and usability of your files and databases. From statistical and pattern analysis to predictive modeling and performance measurement, our analytics services inform your strategic decision making process.

Lorton Data’s Information Analysts possess the intellectual rigor and competencies required to deliver results that increase confidence in your decision making. These services are typically customer specific and require a conversation to engage our staff.

Please contact us to explore how Analytics can help you make better, more informed decisions for your organization.

A data audit involves measuring the data against a set of standards for accuracy, completeness, validity, non-duplication and timeliness. These checks will ensure the quality and reliability of your data.

Lorton Data will perform data audits for you by:

  • Analyzing transaction data files of all types.
  • Matching, consolidating, and summarizing data.
  • Providing data file statistical and exception reporting.

How could you strengthen your data before making important decisions?

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