Merge Data IconMerge data from different databases into one.

Part of maintaining a high-quality database is ensuring you’re working with the best data from the best sources.

We’ll work with you to bring multiple sources of data together, selecting the specific data you wish to capture within each record. The data might come from several internal sources. Even when systems don’t “agree” with each other, we’ll find the way to identify, match and consolidate the information you want. You’ll see a more accurate picture of each customer, bringing greater value to all your communications.

Imagine what you could do once you complete a merge/purge.

  • Save costs on mailings.
  • Segment your audience and create personalized mailings and offers.
  • Analyze your customers with all pertinent data in one database.
  • Create customer profiles to assist in smarter list purchases.
  • Study buying behavior, high/medium/low users, demographics and more within a select customer segment.

What would a more accurate picture of your customers help you do better?

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