With A-View, you have an array of customized data acquisition, database management, analysis, modeling, processing, and reporting services available to you.
These days your business needs an edge to keep you on track and ahead of the competition. Details count. Efficiency matters. Quick and easy access to accurate, up-to-date information is critical. In this environment, smart management of valuable data is a huge advantage, and your company’s information handling processes are more important than ever. Lorton Data can help you with that — every step of the way. We offer a broad range of professional services that can effectively control, protect, deliver, and ultimately enhance the value of your data and information assets.

  • Analytics — create target profiles, analyze performance statistics
  • Audit — match complex transactions, verify claims data
  • Enhancement – enrich data, increase campaign success
  • Marketing Lists and Leads — access more than 120,000 business and consumer lists
  • Database Hygiene — improve database accuracy while reducing costs