Lorton Data to Offer Monthly Subscription
for A-Qua Mailer

Cloud Computing model provides mailing solution without the annual fees of software

Minneapolis, MN — March 1, 2011, — Lorton Data, a leader in direct marketing data management services and list products, announced at MAILCOM 2011 that monthly subscriptions will be available for A-Qua Mailer, their cloud-based suite of direct mail services, starting April 1. The new subscriptions will provide unlimited use of services such as CASS Certified ZIP + 4® coding, NCOALink® processing, PAVE Certified Presort, duplicate elimination, and more for both commercial and end users.

Monthly subscriptions offer distinct advantages over typical annual fees associated with on-premise mailing software packages. Mailers have an initial lower cost of entry, and budgeting is easier. Monthly subscriptions also enable a mailer to decide whether the services suit their needs 12 times per year, rather than locking them in to annual commitments.

A-Qua Mailer Unlimited Monthly Subscription options include End User Unlimited Processing at $199 per month and Commercial User Unlimited Processing at $398 per month. Discounts are available for 12 month prepayments. Pay-per-Job and Unit subscription pricing options are also available for those customers who only periodically need services. There are no minimum usage requirements.

“Offering monthly subscriptions, with unlimited use for the suite of services in A-Qua Mailer, is another industry first.” states Josh Evans, the A-Qua Mailer Product Manager. “And since customers won’t be locked into annual contracts, we’ll have to bring our A-Game every day. I’m confident that customers will experience the cost-saving and ease-of-use benefits over on-premise mailing software, and continue to choose A-Qua Mailer.”

Using A-Qua Mailer, customers can access address quality and mail list processing services without having to install mailing software on their computer. By accessing services in the cloud with a web browser, direct mailers can save an average of 60% annually compared to the total cost of using the most popular on-premise direct mail software packages for similar processing. Not having to own or renew software saves direct mailers on maintenance and upgrade fees, costs for dedicated computer equipment, and reduces processing and staff times.  Since all pre-mailing services are available through A-Qua Mailer, no add-ons are needed or update fees assessed.

About Lorton Data

Lorton Data is the first-to-market provider of cloud based pre-mail processing services with A-Qua Mailer. A-Qua Mailer provides easy access to CASS Certified ZIP + 4® coding, Full Service NCOALink®, DSF, PAVE Certified Postal Presort, IM® barcodes, Duplicate Elimination, Suppression, Printer Output, and more without having to install software.

Lorton Data serves businesses and organizations throughout North America, including direct marketing firms, letter shops and printers, non-profit organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, and others. Lorton Data, located in Arden Hills, MN, was founded in 1989 and is privately held. For more information, visit www.lortondata.com.

Trudy Weiser
Marketing Communications Manager
Lorton Data