Target the right audience, improve message deliverability, and reduce costs.

Sending communications to thousands of prospective and current students, and reaching alumni can be a daunting task for anyone maintaining a database. Whether you're working on a campaign to acquire donors, or simply mail invoices to current students, you need to ensure your message reaches the intended audience, is delivered to the proper contact, and your campaign is on budget.

Lorton Data is here to help. When you need to get your job done right, on budget, every time…

We’re here to help you…
Target the right audience by:

  • Providing you access to our education-focused lists
  • Identifying key characteristics and creating profiles of your target audience
  • Analyzing campaign performance statistics

We’re here to help you…
Execute a multi-channel communication strategy by:

  • Performing contact hygiene, segmentation and pre-mailing data services
  • Providing email addresses, email distribution and response management for your e-marketing programs
  • Appending phone numbers to your contacts

We’re here to help you…
Increase mail deliverability and meet the USPS®; Move Update requirement by:

  • Comparing your mailing list to more than 160 million address changes with the NCOALink® service
  • Identifying undeliverable addresses

We’re here to help you…
Reduce excess costs by:

  • Removing undeliverable addresses
  • Removing duplicate records
  • Providing suppression services
  • Presorting your mailing list

We’re here to help you…
Personalize your campaign by:

  • Printing letters on your letterhead with personalized messages
  • Customizing your image with electronic signatures, logos and matched fonts