Finance and Insurance

Utilize Direct Marketing services, perform data audits, track critical information, and meet compliance standards.

In addition to the many needs of direct marketers, those in the finance and insurance industries need an accurate way to manage and audit important business and personal data.  Whether it’s matching employee enrollment information against insurance claims data, or accounting for data as dictated by compliance standards such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, accurate and up to date information is essential.

Ensuring confidential information is delivered to the appropriate recipient is also critical.  Therefore, keeping up to date address information is vital to your line of business.

Lorton Data is here to help you manage your data. When you need to get your job done right, accurately, every time…

We’re here to help you…
Perform data audits, track critical data, and meet compliance standards by:

  • Analyzing transaction data files of all types
  • Matching, consolidating, and summarizing data
  • Providing data file statistical and exception reporting

We’re here to help you…
Increase mail deliverability and meet the USPS®; Move Update requirement by:

  • Comparing your mailing list to more than 160 million address changes with the NCOALink® service
  • Identifying undeliverable addresses