Public Radio & Broadcasting Predictive Model (PRPM) List

Total Universe of Names - tailored to meet your goals.

Let's face it.  There are thousands of lists and list providers out there, and your selection process can be overwhelming. With Lorton Data, your job is easy! We take the total universe of over 120 million households and tailor the list to meet your membership development goals.  We provide names of individuals who are known donors, have demonstrated a proven propensity to contribute to organizations, and have the financial means to do so. These individuals are known high responders to direct mail, are over 35 years of age, culturally minded and well traveled.

Result? Lorton Data's PRPM, a select list of more than 2.4 million names that is ready to perform.

Your PRPM Selection

Simply provide us with your geographic selection criteria to use this preselected list of prospective members. Included in the cost of the PRPM list, we will suppress your member names before the final file is delivered to you. This way, you only pay for true prospective members. All you need to do is provide your member list.

List Processing

Why not use Lorton Data to consolidate, eliminate duplicates, and to improve the quality of your address data? Once you’ve made your PRPM selection, Lorton Data will process your list. Just send us your membership files and we will run NCOALink® processing and Duplication Elimination with your member files and any other acquisition lists you may have selected.

Your Final List

Now your list is complete and returned to you ready for use!