I’d like to profile my customers so I understand them better.

When you need to understand your customers better, profiling them is a smart way to learn more.

To build a profile, we append demographic, geographic, psychographic and lifestyle characteristics to your customer file and build a description (with attributes) that most accurately reflects your customers. If your organization is comprised of multiple business units or multiple product line and service users, you may want to create various profiles for your customer base.

Marketers use customer profiles to identify attributes and build personas of their best customers. This marketing tool helps in acquiring more targeted prospect lists, refining marketing messages to customers and prospects and ultimately increasing sales and revenue.

We offer several profile methods to help you learn more about your customers.

Identify key characteristics of your customers (or perhaps your best customers) using profile analysis. We can crosstab characteristics to help you look behind the data, cluster your customer base into primary and secondary groups and suggest where to find more like them.

Adding data about individual customers to your records allows you to segment your customer base and approach them with relevant information or offers.

Site analysis shows you how many of which types of customers live where, relative to a new store site. It also helps you compare site productivity to set appropriate sales expectations.

Territory analysis helps you identify sales potential, establish sales territories or equalize them. Relating customer counts to specific geographic coverage can help you maximize sales or store productivity and minimize friction over perceived imbalances.

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