I’m looking to purchase a mailing list / email list to grow my customer base.

Whether you know the specific list you need or need expert guidance from the start, we’re here to help you find the most targeted lists within your criteria. If you conduct multi-channel marketing, we’re uniquely suited to assist you with a campaign that includes both direct mail and email.

We’ll process your data and show it how you want to see it.

Lorton Data’s list experts, and we do mean experts, aren’t satisfied with asking you a few routine questions and then placing the order. We know your list is the most important element of your direct mail campaign, followed by offer and creative. That’s why we ask probing questions until we truly understand your story. Then, we get to work searching every imaginable list to help you get it right. We offer you:

 Strategies to help you target the right consumers.
 Research to identify the best sources.
 Selection and ordering from reliable list resources.

From list acquisition to deployment and analysis, email marketing can be challenging. Lorton Data can manage all or part of your email marketing campaign with these core services.

List Acquisition
Lorton Data partners with the most trustworthy email providers in the industry to help you target and reach your prospects.

Email deployment comes standard with list acquisition. Once we receive your email content, we’ll facilitate the execution of your campaign.

From email opens to click through statistics, Lorton Data provides you the performance data and expertise to help you understand your campaign’s performance.

If you already own a customer list you’d like to reach via email, Lorton Data can append email addresses to your house file.

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