Sir Speedy Expands Mailing Services with Lorton Data

Sir Speedy Printing & Marketing Services of Naperville, IL has a thriving business offering digital and offset printing, Web-to-Print, integrated direct marketing, promotional products as well as copying and mailing services. In order to process mailing lists for their customers, Sir Speedy had been using a stand-alone software package on a dedicated computer.

“When it was time to re-negotiate the terms on our software for the year, we reached out to our parent company, Franchise Services, to determine what other options were available and what other printing franchises were using,” states Kyle Phillips, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Sir Speedy, Naperville. “They recommended that we look into Lorton Data because their services were in the cloud,” Kyle continued.

Lorton Data’s cloud based system, A-Qua Mailer, enables mailing service providers and users to access CASS Certified™ ZIP + 4® coding, NCOALink® and DSF2® processing, PAVE™ certified Postal Presort, Duplicate Elimination, Suppression, and IMb™ without having to install software on their computer.  Not having to own or renew software eliminates maintenance and upgrade fees, costs for dedicated computer equipment, and reduces processing and staff times.

“We’re always looking to get our customers the best discounts, available,” says Kyle.  “With the availability of a cloud provider behind-the-scenes, I knew we’d be able to save costs over using software, and in turn be able to pass the savings on to our customers.”

However, Kyle was unfamiliar with how A-Qua Mailer worked.  Since this was going to be a change from his current processes, he called Lorton Data for more information.  “They took me through an online tour of the system and the different services we could access.  They then gave us a number of free processing credits so that we could ‘test drive’ the application, and make an educated decision as to which way we wanted to proceed,” remembers Kyle. “During the testing process, they took extensive amounts of time to ensure that we were processing the list correctly, and that the processed list integrated seamlessly with our variable data software.”

After taking A-Qua Mailer for a ‘test drive’ Kyle determined that it made sense to sign on.
One advantage of cloud services over software Kyle noted was the ability to purchase only what Sir Speedy needed, when they needed it. This was especially advantageous since Sir Speedy needed to gauge the type of services needed as well as the amount. With A-Qua Mailer, Sir Speedy was able to purchase a unit subscription, which enabled them to choose their services a la carte, at any time.

In addition to the financial savings of switching to A-Qua Mailer, Sir Speedy realized an even more important advantage. “The main benefit of working with Lorton is that we have effectively expanded our Mailing Services Team within our center.  Through Lorton Data, we have added a group whose extensive knowledge about the mailing service industry has been a huge benefit to our company. Their guidance and expertise have enabled us to sell more to existing customers and to bring on new customers. We are now able to process customer lists quickly and correctly, and give them the best savings possible.”

Now, after two years of having Lorton Data as a behind-the-scenes partner, Kyle continues to have positive experiences. “To date, we have not had one bad experience.  The Lorton Data team has been terrific to work with and have gone out of their way to assist us in whatever way they can!”