Video Tutorials

A-Qua Mailer

General Overviews

A-Qua Mailer web Overview (3:31)
Basics of using A-Qua Mailer web

Processing ZIP + 4® (3:31)
How to process a Zip+4 job using A-Qua Mailer web

Understanding the NCOALink® Process (4:21)
Commonly asked questions about the NCOALink process and database

Processing NCOALink (4:21)
How to process a NCOALink job using A-Qua Mailer web

Manage Templates (2:39)
How to use Templates in A-Qua Mailer web

Intelligent Mail® barcode

Adding an Intelligent Mail® Barcode to Your Mailing (3:47)
How to apply for a Mailer ID at the USPS and insert an IMB through A-Qua Mailer web

Using MS Word® 2007 to Create a Printer File Output with the Intelligent Mail barcode (1:59)
How to create a printer file output that has an IMB using MS Word 2007

Using Data and Report Files

Output Data Overview (2:24)
How to interpret what is in the zipped output file returned from A-Qua Mailer web

ZIP + 4 Output (3:00)
How to interpret your ZIP + 4 output file

NCOALink® Output (3:53)
How to interpret your NCOALink output file

Dropping Potentially Undeliverable DPV Records (4:08)
Understanding undeliverable record indicators on your output file

Account Management

Account Management (3:15)
How to Use Account Management

Email Notifications

Action Required for A-Qua Mailer web jobs (3:36)
Actions to take when you receive an email regarding your A-Qua Mailer web job

Tutorial coming soon


ezPAF Video Tutorial  (3:32)
How to complete the NCOALink PAF online

Tutorial coming soon