Address Block Description

What to include in the address block?


Address Block Elements: Example:
Intelligent Mail® barcode  (1)
ACS Participant Code / Optional Endorsement Line  (2) #BYNHKRB*********5-DIGIT 55112
ACS Keyline Data  (3) #970416000000048#
Keycode (source code, promo code, customer number,etc.) 0497ABJ
Business / Firm Name LORTON DATA INC
Miscellaneous Address Information MARKETING DEPARTMENT
Secondary Address Information COUNTRY BUILDING
Delivery Address Line 2 PINE TREE DR STE 302
City, State, ZIP + 4® ARDEN HILLS MN  55112-3715

Note 1:
The Intelligent Mail barcode (Imb) can be printed on either the top or bottom of the address block. The IMb is equivalent to two lines of data due to required clear space.

Note 2:
ACS Participant Code / Optional Endorsement Line. “#BYNHKRB” represents the ACS Participant Code which is only required for mailers using the Address Change Service enhancement option of the USPS® Address Change Service. The ACS Code must be preceeded by a “#” in the address block. “**********5-DIGIT 55112” represents the optional endorsement line which is required for mailings qualifying for carrier route level of discount. When used together, they represent one line of data. These two data elements can also be used independently of one another. See the USPS ACS: Address Change Service Technical Guide for complete details.

Note 3
ACS Keyline is only used by mailers using Address Change Service (ACS); the keyline is required for those mailers that register for a keyline at the time they register their mailings with the ACS Department of the USPS. The last character of the keyline is the USPS ACS Check Digit. The keyline must be enclosed by “#” in the address block. This key is used by the mailer to apply the address corrections to their database after mailing (the key is included with the new address on the transactions file from the USPS). See the USPS ACS: Address Change Service Technical Guide for complete details.