Before You Mail Checklist

1 – Is your mailpiece automation compatible? Check size, thickness, weight and rigidity of the mailpiece. Will the barcode and address be visible on the stock — what color is the stock?

2 – How will the address be applied to the mailpiece? Inkjet, labels, or window envelope. Will this work with the mailpiece design? What Information should be included on the address block? Click here for address block information.

3 – What class of mail will you use? First, USPS Marketing Mail, Package Services, or Periodical. What are the requirements for each class of mail? For example: Discounted First-Class Mail® must meet the USPS® Move Update Requirement.

4 – What postage rate do you want to pay for each mailpiece? Discounted postage rates have additional mail preparation requirements. For example: barcoded mail must be CASS™ processed and the greatest discounts are often received on postal presorted mail.

5 – Be aware of the service affiliated with your class of mail and any mailpiece endorsements you may use. For example: USPS Marketing Mail with no endorsement that is Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) will be discarded. Mailpiece endorsements for UAA mail such as “Address Service Requested” have a charge per mailpiece returned or forwarded. The USPS also offers an electronic enhancement to the mailpiece endorsement service that can provide your address changes at a lower cost and in a more convenient format, this service is called ACS.

6 – Are you including traded or rented names in your list? Is there a possibility of duplicate names in your mailing list? Mailing duplicate names is costly both in the cost of the mailpiece and the cost of postage. Match/Consolidation (Duplicate Elimination, Merge/Purge), can help eliminate duplicates in your mailing.


USPS National Customer Support Center For information on mailing requirements, the Move Update Requirement, and ACS call 800-238-3150.

USPS Business Service Network Your Business Service Network location will be able to help you with your mailpiece design, mailpiece endorsements, and services affiliated with the different classes of mail. Mailpiece Design Analysts specialize in the automation requirements for mailpieces. Click here to find your Business Service Network location.