Great lists start with great questions.

Three people looking at lists

Because not every profile characteristic can be found on a prospect list, it takes the expertise of people who know how to secure hard-to-find target audiences. Much more than a typical list broker and data spinner, Lorton Data will help you acquire lists based on your unique profile. Our list brokerage services include:

  • Finding the best lists available based on your specific demographic and behavioral criteria.
  • Using profiles for targeting messaging.
  • Preparing in-house and rented lists for direct marketing programs.
  • Response and backend analysis to continue to test tactics and improve your ROI.

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Self Service A-Qua Lists™

Independent from our A-Qua Mailer™ suite of subscription products, A-Qua Lists is our self-service list rental portal.

Know exactly the list you want to rent? Lorton Data gives you desktop access to consumer and occupant lists. Search, select, and purchase – 24/7/365.

What criteria do you wish you could find in an acquisition list?