Self Service Consumer List

The A-Qua Lists™ Consumer List is a comprehensive national consumer list providing over 111 million households and more than 176 million individuals. Whether you’re selecting by demographics, general interests or buying behaviors, A-Qua Lists Consumer List is a quick and easy system for lightning fast, self-service list ordering.

Here are some of the most popular Consumer List selection criteria:

Dwelling Type Head of Household Age
Estimated Household Income Length of Residence
Gender Marital Status
Geography Presence of Children
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will I need a sample mail piece?
    A sample mail piece will be requested when selecting children’s data. The piece will have to be approved prior to sending the file.
  • Are there phone numbers on this file?
    Yes, phone numbers are available; however, you will need to provide a Subscription Account Number (SAN) which we will use to suppress any households that have registered with the National Do Not Call Registry.  If you do not already have a SAN you can register for one by clicking on the following link:
    A-Qua Lists also requires you to complete and sign a form which provides information needed to fulfill your order.

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