Self Service Occupant/Saturation List

At virtually 100% coverage, the Occupant /Saturation List reaches almost every address in America and is the most accurate saturation mailing list available. Updated monthly via the U.S. Postal Service®, and edited through a proprietary system, resulting in accuracy that is second to none. The Occupant /Saturation List is based on the carrier route walk-sequence database.

When you’re looking to contact specific neighborhoods, and mail to every delivery point within a given market, A-Qua Lists™ provides an intuitive and easy to use, self service system for lightening fast searches.

Target Select
Homes, Apartments, and/or Businesses Rural Routes, Carrier Routes, and/or PO Boxes
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I order using a radius selection?
    Yes, radius selection is available along with standard geo selections.
  • What about age and income selections?
    You will be able to make selections for median age and median income along with many other selection criteria. Keep in mind, that making selections (including the radius selection above) will affect your saturation presort.

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