Canadian Cleansing Services

Improve the quality of your Canadian customer and prospect lists with our Canadian database cleansing services:

  • Canadian address standardization – We use Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP) certified software to standardize your addresses and append codes required for Canada Post mail sorting.  SERP is a postal certification issued by Canada Post to evaluate the capacity of commercially and internally-developed third-party software to validate and correct addresses.
  • Canadian National Change of Address (NCOA) – Find change of address information for residents and businesses. The Canadian NCOA Mover Data database contains over 11 million mover records with six years of history.
    • If you do not have an existing business relationship with the recipient to whom you are sending mail, you can update their address for the purpose of a mailing; however, you cannot retain the new address information on your file.
    • If you do have an existing business relationship with the recipient to whom you are mailing, you are able to update your customer record with the new address information.
  • Duplicate elimination – We offer the three most common matching options for duplicate elimination: one per address, one per household or one per person. We can also eliminate duplicates based on basic matches, such as by telephone, account or member number. In addition, we use highly complex matching algorithms for matching by institution or company.
  • Canadian Do Not Mail file – The Canadian Marketing Association offers a service which allows consumers to reduce the amount of direct mail marketing offers they receive. The name, address and postal code of persons who register for the CMA Do Not Mail Service are distributed monthly to association members and other business subscribers who must delete them from their mailing. Names are maintained on the service for six years.
  • Canadian Postal Sort – When you are ready to mail, we will sort your mailing list to help move your mail through the system more efficiently and save you money on postage.

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