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Lorton Data, the Lorton Data website, A-Qua, A-Qua Mailer, A-Qua Mailer web, A-Qua Mailer desktop, A-Qua Mailer command, A-Qua Mailer FTP, A-Qua Mailer SDK, A-Qua Mailer In-Plant, A-Qua MailTrac, A-Qua Correct API, A-View and A-Qua Lists are trademarks of Lorton Data.

USPS® Registrations and Trademarks

Lorton Data is a non-exclusive NCOALink Full Service Provider Licensee of the United States Postal Service. DSF2 processing is provided by a non-exclusive licensee of the USPS. The prices for NCOALink, DSF2, and LACSLink are not established, controlled or approved by the USPS.

The following are among the registrations and trademarks owned by the United States Postal Service: ACS, AEC II, CASS, CASS Certified, Certified Mail, Customized MarketMail, DMM, DPV, DSF2, EDDM, eLOT, Every Door Direct Mail, e-VS, FAST, First-Class, First-Class Mail, Full-Service ACS, IM, IMb, IMb Tracing, IMpb, Informed Delivery, Informed Visibility, Intelligent Mail, LACSLink, Media Mail, NCOALink, OneCode ACS, Parcel Post, Parcel Select, PAVE, PCC, P.O. Box, PO Box, Post Office, PostalOne!, Postal Service, Priority Mail, RDI, Standard Mail, SuiteLink, United States Postal Service, U.S. Postal Service, USPS, USPS.COM, USPS Marketing Mail, www.usps.com, ZIP, ZIP + 4, and ZIP Code. This is not a comprehensive list of all Postal Service trademarks. AD 2.20

Delivery Technology Advocacy Council

Mail.dat is a registered trademark of the Delivery Technology Advocacy Council (DTAC).


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