“Any-Prem” Software Solutions for Mailing and Business Communications

Data cleansing. Data appending. Data enhancement.
Loyalty programs and database management.
Data preparation and reporting for business analysis.

Secure. Available. Confidential.

Understand your customers. Improve your communications.

On target marketing

Database Hygiene Services

One source for direct mail preparation, data quality, hygiene, database enhancement, including Canadian data quality services.

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List Brokerage —
Hard-to-find Lists

Much more than demographics. Help with niche and hard-to-find prospect lists.

Person with on-demand mail processing

On-Demand Direct Mail Processing

Our A-Qua Mailer platform ensures fluid, up to date and immediate access to our data services.

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Professional Services

Consulting and database maintenance services for analysis, audits, new systems, and more.


Lorton Data serves all industries, with particular experience in several.

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It’s political season so here’s some information about political and election mail you might find helpful, by Ann Plunkett.

From Labor Day to Election Day is likely to be a busy time for many mailers. Why?  Because Political Mail is a cost effective and easy way to promote candidates and get messaging across to voters.  In addition, a large number of voters across the nation will cast their ballots by domestic absentee ballot or by mail.

Advanced planning assures that Political and Election mailings meet USPS® standards and will arrive on time.

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“I wanted new thinking. I met with Lorton Data and they questioned what I was trying to do. They asked, are you sure you want this many, because you really should be thinking about this over here. Why do that, you could do this. They asked questions I hadn’t considered.”

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