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NCOALink® Processing Service

NCOALink is a product of the United States Post Office™. It is made available to provide a means for businesses to keep mailing address information current and to meet the Move Update Requirement. The NCOALink processing service compares your mailing list to a database of move information that on average, contains approximately 160 million permanent address changes. When a name and address on your mailing list matches a name and “old” address on the NCOALink database, you will receive the new address where available.

Postal Presort

Lorton Data uses PAVE™ certified postal presort software to presort your mailing list. PAVE is a USPS® certification process for presort software. Postal presort sorts your mailing list to optimize postage savings and provides all of the necessary mailing documentation: postage reports, bag tags and tray tags, etc. We offer a variety of output file formats, as well as select printer files and labels.

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