USPS® Trademarks

Lorton Data is a non-exclusive Full Service Provider Licensee of the United States Postal Service®. DSF processing is provided by a non-exclusive licensee of the USPS®. The prices for NCOALink®, DSF2, and LACSLink® are not established, controlled or approved by the USPS. The following trademarks are owned by the USPS: ACS, CASS, CASS Certified, DPV, DSF2, eLOT, FASTforward, First-Class, First-Class Mail, Intelligent Mail, IM barcode, LACSLink, MERLIN, NCOALink, OneCode, OneCode ACS, OneCode Confirm, PAVE, PLANET, Postal Service, Post Office, POSTNET, Priority Mail, Standard Mail, SuiteLink, The Postal Service, U.S. Postal Service, United States Post Office, USPS, ZIP, ZIP Code, ZIP+4 and ZIP + 4.      AD# 10.09