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Database Management for Marketing/Database Hygiene

Bring your silos of data and dissimilar systems to Lorton Data. We’ll make them talk to each other and get along in one happy database. You’ll have a wealth of information in one place to plan, create, execute, and analyze your marketing efforts. And ongoing updates will be much easier. We can help with mergers and acquisitions, loyalty programs, marketing campaigns and more.

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List Brokerage

Lorton Data will help you acquire lists based on your unique profile. Our list brokerage services include: finding the best lists available, profiles for target messaging, preparing in-house and rented lists for marketing, and analysis to improve your ROI.

We also offer Self Service A-Qua Lists™, a self-service list rental portal.

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On Demand Direct Mail Processing

A-Qua Mailer™ is Lorton Data’s powerful and flexible platform that gives you access to our data services – right from your desktop. Now there’s no need to maintain software and worry about updates like you do with other postal software.

A suite of four products packaged in a subscription service.

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Professional Services

A world of data is lying within your organization, if only you could see it cleaned and consolidated. It’s often not about buying or appending more data. You’re likely not tapping into what you already have.

Our clients often ask, “What’s a better way of…?” The answer usually begins by taking your data and making it better. Imagine what you could do better if only you could…