Expert Assisted Data Profiling

Customers aren’t statistics. They’re people. Database marketers are already accustomed with developing much more precise customer profiles. But new information technologies and fierce competition in most markets keep raising the bar. What was sufficient customer knowledge yesterday is marginal today–and will be insufficient tomorrow. Lorton Data has the marketing skills and data processing technologies to put you closer to your customer.


Customer profile analysis

Identifies key characteristics of your customers (or perhaps just your best customers). We can cross-tab characteristics to help you look behind the data, cluster your customer base into primary and secondary groups, and suggest where to look to find more like them.

Customer file appending

Adds data about individual customers to your records that allows you to segment your customer base and approach them with relevant information or offers — or adjust your approach depending on who they are and what they’re like.

Site location analysis

Tells you how many of which types of customers live where, relative to a new store site. Site analysis also helps you compare site productivity to set appropriate sales expectations.

Territory analysis

Helps you identify sales potential, establish sales territories or equalize them. Relating customer counts to specific geographic coverage can help you maximize sales, store productivity and minimize friction over perceived imbalances.

Popular Profile Selections
Age Length of Residence Occupation Types Mail Responsive
Income Dwelling Type Ethnicity Charitable Contributions
Children Own/Rent Home Values
Business Professional
SIC Job Titles Type Organization Job Title
Number Employees Job Functions Group/Solo Practice Job Function
HQ or Branch Executive Contacts Firm/Group Size Professional Specialty
Annual Sales Memberships Ownership Memberships

For frequently used combinations of services, Lorton Data creates applications and integrated multiple-service modules such as our Customer ID™, which gives you a snapshot view of your customer base or response file. Using applications simplifies complex profiling tasks and saves you money as well. If your marketing-to-names program requires special profiling, ask us whether we already have an application developed, or how we can develop one for you.

Customer ID™

Our Customer ID program measures key attributes of your customers, promotion responders or known prospects, and links attributes to help you identify important indicators of customer potential.


Lorton Data’s Insite program uses your customer records to profile your customer base, then identifies potential store locations with high concentrations of customer “look-a-likes”.

Have Questions?

We do the complicated list processing work to make it easy for you. Contact us so we can provide the right custom lists for your business.