Sending a file for automated processing

With this feature, your job will start processing as soon as the file is received. Automation is available for Lorton Data's ZIP + 4®, NCOALink®, DSF, Duplicate Elimination and Presort processing. The major benefit is the ability to process files 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Below are the requirements to use this feature.

General Requirements

  1. A valid payment method must be on file.
  2. You have to have a minimum of 100 unique records for your file.
  3. For NCOALink a valid Processing Acknowledgement Form must be selected, for DSF2 a valid DSF2 Agreement must be selected
  4. The number of records we receive must match or be within the tolerance level selected.
  5. Only 1 file can be sent zipped without password or unzipped (for Excel, only 1 Worksheet may contain data)
  6. If you selected Presort along with NCOALink or ZIP + 4, you must choose Output C for NCOALink or 'Clone' for ZIP + 4 (DSF2 and presort are not supported in the same run without expert assistance)
  7. File must contain less than 2,000,000 records
  8. Address fields may not exceed 60 bytes
  9. Output file must have fewer than 128 fields. Number of fields added by popular processes:
    • NCOALink Layout C – 27 fields
    • NCOALink Layout 800 – 74 fields
    • NCOALink Layout 500 – 43 fields
    • DSF2 Layout C – 32 fields
    • Presort – 20 fields

File Type Requirements

File must be saved in one of the following formats:

  • DBase III
  • Comma delimited
  • Tab delimited
  • Pipe delimited
  • Excel - Versions supported: Excel 97 to Excel 2010

Field Requirements

File must contain the fields below, named as listed (fieldnames are underlined). Any additional data sent will be passed through and returned on the output file. Address fields must be no longer than 60 bytes.

  • Name and/or Company

Name can be sent as one field (ex. Jane Smith)
Parsed name:

Prefix - optional
Fname (first name)
Mi (middle initial) - optional
Lname (last name)
Suffix - optional

  • Address (primary address)
  • Address2 (secondary address) - optional
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP (with or without ZIP + 4)

Additional Field Requirements for Presort

  • ZIP (10 or 9 digits) or ZIP and ZIP4
  • Dlvpnt - Delivery point
  • Crrt - Carrier route number for Standard Mail carrier route and walk sequence mailings
  • LOT or LOTno - Line-of-travel number for Standard Mail carrier route mailings
  • LOT_order (LOT_order) or LOTord - Line-of-travel ascending or descending for Standard Mail carrier route mailings
  • Dsf2wlkseq - Walk sequence number for Standard Mail walk sequence mailings

Additional Requirements for Printer File

  • If the file has been processed through address standardization or NCOALink®, the layout must not include the original input. Layouts such as NCOALink Output C or ZIP + 4 Output C can be run automated; layouts such as Output 500 or Output 800 will not run automated.
  • Jobs that do not include presort must have been run through Lorton Data's 'Presort' and have all fields generated during presort processing
  • When other automated services are selected 'Printer File' must be accompanied by 'Presort' or be the only option selected
  • All records must be for the states and territories served by the USPS
  • All printed lines for 'Envelopes/Postcards' and 'Labels' must have 45 or fewer characters
  • 'Professional title' when requested, must be named Ptitle
  • 'Tertiary address' when requested, must be named Address3