I want to analyze my data so I can report, present, plan and allocate budgets with greater confidence.

Stop guessing what’s in your data. Stop relying on outdated reports for planning. And never again depend on anecdotal feedback for accurate marketing results.

We’ll process your data and show it how you want to see it.

Slice it. Dice it. Sort it. Compare. Analyze heavy, medium and light users. Whatever you need to see in your data, Lorton Data can show you.

Of course, good analysis comes from clean data. Lorton Data will cleanse your files, which often includes removing empty addresses and records with junk, flagging and removing deceased individuals and many other hygiene processes. If you collect names from online information requests, you may find our vulgar-words suppression file useful. Yes, it happens!

Don’t launch your marketing campaign without our help to track and analyze the results. Tell us what you want to measure, and we’ll design the right tracking system to capture results. Our custom reports show you all you need to see for fast and dependable response analysis.

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