I would like to start communicating with my current customers via email. I am looking for a way to validate the email addresses I have today and how to get addresses for those I do not have today.

Boost the strength of your customer files with email addresses. Adding a secondary marketing channel to your Direct Mail efforts can really boost your campaign results.

Send us your current customer list and Lorton Data will append email addresses and validate those already on your file. Our email services will give you the confidence you’re working with the best email addresses available.

Email Append will use contact name and postal address information to append an email address. Email addresses will be added at the Individual level where available, and when no match is found, the last name and postal address will be used to find an email address for the household.

Email Validation will identify which email addresses in your customer file are good addresses and which are not. Our email validation performs the following processes:

  • Syntax Check – Assesses the local part, domain, top-level domain, and their compliance with RFCs
  • Domain Check – Evaluates the domain against known status and proprietary rules
  • Mailbox Verification – Utilizes proprietary methods
  • Corrections – Fixes common typos and misspellings
  • Risky Email Flag – Identifies harmful data traps
  • Spam Trap Detection – Identifies known spam traps to protect your reputation

I would like to do an email campaign to prospect for new business.

Studies have shown that email communication is one of the most popular and profitable ways for companies and sales reps to reach prospects. If done well, it can be hugely successful.

Share the demographics of your target market and we will find your audience. Lorton Data’s source for email addresses is a robust consumer database that is scrubbed daily and provides opt-in, permission-based email marketing lists.  We provide comprehensive guidelines for HTML email design and share tips that increase the relevance of your message, make an impact and ultimately bring in new business.

To improve your response, consider sending a follow-up email with our push-to-opens option. By sending your message again, to those who opened your initial message, you increase the chances for a better ROI.

You can also build your impact by retargeting and helping to move prospects along through your marketing funnel.

Let us help you find your target audience and put together professional email marketing campaigns that lead to better outcomes.

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